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April 15th Sucks!!!

2008-04-14 20:40:40 by writtenkits

I seriously hate taxes. It may give me a refund in the end, but scrounging up every bit of financial history is a pain in my ass.

In other (more important) news, I'm currently voice acting in a semi collaboration with mation-moron . And I'm doing some vocals with AdamJack, which is hella fun so far. I plan to have a vocal resume up soon, for all of you voice scouts out there. It should include some of the voices that I'm good at. None of them will be electronically augmented. Well, unless you count exporting the file into mp3 format. Which you shouldn't. Busy, busy here on New Grounds. Still having fun though!

April 15th Sucks!!!


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2008-04-18 07:26:10

Sorry to hear about the taxes buddy. The audio for our song is too good to be true! I'm planning on doing some more voice acting soon. I'll give you a pm later. ;)